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Troy, New York

This print is a handmade reproduction of a 1903 title page from an insurance map book. I spent about 30 hours tracing over every line in illustrator. Silkscreened in Brooklyn, New York. Black ink on cream paper, and white ink on dark blue paper. Signed and numbered.

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Lets Get To Bloggin’

Its kind of amazing that I’ve skipped blogging entirely up until this point. This is from someone who readily signs up for every new social media platform thats all the buzz. I guess I’ve never had much to say in long-form. I still don’t, but I like the idea of have a place to combine personal updates with photos and video along with cool things I run across on the internet. I doubt I’ll ever write more than a paragraph at a time, so this will hopefully end up being more of a stream-of-thought type a blog. I plan on including tech, web, art, photos, music, personal projects, yada yada yada… Anyway I realize this first post will be read by no one since I set this whole thing up this morning, so I can’t really say ‘stick around’ or ‘stay tuned for more.’ I still wish you would ‘come back now, ya’ hear?’

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